Cake in a Jar

part of single serve dessert jars filled with cake
cheesecake, chocolate fudge, and apple crumble in a jar on a platter

Our Story

We are proud to be a Black-owned brand headquartered in Philadelphia. We manufacture our desserts in small batches and partner with local chefs to celebrate seasonal, regional, and cultural flavors.

a cartoon of a group of friends at a dinner party eating desserts out of a jar

The Perfect Treat

Classic Flavors

Your favorites.

Crowd Pleaser

Clink your glass.
A new, sweet way to say "cheers"!

Sustainable Mission

Our packaging is 100% recyclable.
All goodness, zero waste.

Something for Everyone

Even when everyone is just you!

The cheesecake was delicious and I just washed the jars to reuse. Perfect for condiments, nuts or pickles on a cheese plate. Can't wait to try the other treats!

OMG I'm obsessed with this. It's so good and actually the perfect serving size for my tiny sweet tooth.

We tried the Apple Crumble, heated it up, and it was perfect. Looking forward to trying the Raspberry Cheesecake next!

I was just shared one of these incredible desserts and now need to FULLY stock my freezer.

I just got two Raspberry Cheesecakes as a gift from my granddaughter. They are absolutely delicious. She has been told to pick up some more for me! Really, really one of the best snacks/desserts ever!

Can't Decide On Just One?

Grab a sampler mixed case to enjoy them all or share with a group!

group of packaged desserts in a jar featuring chocolate cake, apple crumble, raspberry cheesecake