• About Dimi

    Growing up in France, I loved the European tradition of something sweet at the end of each meal. After moving to the US, I craved those little cakes and pies, but baking felt like a chore.

    I became obsessed with the dessert-in-a-jar format from my childhood - the layers, textures, classic recipes - and decided to make a product that would recreate those nostalgic flavors in every bite. 

    The result is Dimi - a refrigerated line of indulgent single-serve desserts designed to celebrate Me Moments & We Moments

    As a Black-owned business operating in my hometown of Philadelphia, we are a small team with big dreams to elevate American recipes across cultures, regions, and seasons.

    I hope you enjoy our desserts as much as we enjoy crafting them.

    Thank you for supporting Dimi and being part of something sweet!


    Jeff Aziakou